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Industry Orientation Training

In the current job market employers are looking for candidates with industry ready skills. Industry orientation is a first of its kind training program, which equip the students with essential skill set to meet the current industrial challenges. We offer practical training methods to equip the students with latest technologies used in industry. 

At present Industry Orientation Program is available only for Mechanical Engineering Stream. We are driving our sincere efforts to expand it to the all engineering streams soon.

How it works?

This program treats every student as a Trainee Engineer and guide them to work as per the current industry standards.

EngMorph Industry Orienation Training

Discovering Industrial Requirements

We interact continuously with Industry and Identify Essential Requirements before commencement of training process. Our experts assess the requirements and restructure the program if required.

EngMorph Team Building

Team Building

Organizations believe and run their business with team work so, we encourage students to form as a team. It imparts essential qualities required for a team lead or a member. The team should contain minimum 4 to 5 students. All the individual teams will be assigned team projects to perform a specific task.

Interactive Learning 

The theoretical background required to complete their tasks will be provided in the interactive classroom sessions. We welcome all the innovative ideas from the students and provide suitable guidance to complete their tasks on time.


We monitor the performance of each individual to assess their capabilities and extend the guidance based on the requirement. Experience certificates will be given to all the trainees who complete the full training schedule.

Current Programs

Currently we are serving Mechanical Engineering Stream in the following areas.


  1. Finite Element Analysis

  2. Vibrations

  3. Fatigue and Fracture

  4. Composite Materials

  5. Non-Linear Materials

  6. Engineering Optimization

  7. Rigid Body Dynamics

  8. Pressure Vessels

  9. Industrial Equipment Design

  10. Design of Smart Machines

  11. Computational Fluid Dynamics

  12. Thermal Engineering


We are working continuously to meet the present needs of industry by updating training content often.


If you are looking for a Real Industrial Experience, this is the best option for you. So, leave us a message today for a demo.

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