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4th International Conference of The Robotics Society::Advances in Robotics (AIR)-2019

4th International Conference of The Robotics Society(TRS)::Advances in Robotics (AIR)-2019

Conference Dates: 2nd to 6th, July 2019

4th International Conference of The Robotics Society (TRS)::Advances in Robotics (AIR)-2019

International Conference on Advances in Robotics (AIR) is a series of biennial conference organized by The Robotics Society (TRS) (previously known as Robotics Society of India). The conference aims to create a forum to present and exchange new ideas by researchers and developers from India and abroad working in the fields of robotics and its applications. The conference would have plenary talks, oral and poster presentations, and special industry oriented sessions.


Call for Papers:

The organizers of the conference invite unpublished and original research work in the field of Robotics. Papers will be accepted in the following areas:

  • Kinematics, dynamics, control and simulation of autonomous intelligent systems

  • Design of robotic mechanisms

  • Man-machine interface and integration

  • Robotics-related computer hardware, software, and architectures

  • Vision and other non-contact sensory systems

  • Tactile and other contact sensory technology

  • Active sensory processing and control

  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence for robotics

  • Medical, rehabilitation and Assistive Robotics

  • Bio-mimetic and Bio-inspired Robotic Systems

  • Swarm Robotics

  • Navigation and Control of Unmanned vehicles – ground, aerial, underwater

  • Humanoid Robots

  • Safe Robots

  • Robotic Hand

  • Virtual Reality & Haptics

  • Tele-robotics

  • Soft robotics


Format of Abstract/Full Paper and Submission:

Please visit the CMT submission system for submitting the paper:

Paper can be in MS word, or PDF format:


Registration Fee:

Indian Delegates:

Govt. & Academic Institutes: INR5000

Industries: INR10000

Full Time Students: INR3000 (20% Discount for TRS members)


International Delegates:

Academic & Industries: USD200

Students: USD100


Important Dates:

  • Call for papers: 1st, December 2018

  • Full paper submission: 15th, February 2019

  • Announcement of Results: 5th, April 2019

  • Registration Deadline:

  • Camera-Ready Submission: 5th, May 2019

  • Conference Dates: 2nd to 6th, July 2019


Conference Venue:

Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Chennai 600036, India
AIR 2019, Room - 114, Dept. of Engg. Design IIT Madras, Chennai 600036, India.


For more information on Registration dates, Topics of the conference, Abstract and Full Paper submission, Conference Fees and other details click on the "Brochure/Website" button below.

About The Robotics Society

In the last few years robotics activities in India has moved well beyond the traditional areas of industrial applications, atomic energy, etc. and entered newer domains of education, rehabilitation, entertainment, and even into our homes. Indian robotics researchers have similarly grown from a handful to over a hundred engaged in research labs, education, industry, atomic energy, etc. Many of us feel that it is about time to form an academic society to further augment our robotics activities and for better interaction among ourselves. With this objective, researchers got together to form a society on 10th July 2011. Officially, The Robotics Society was registered on June 21, 2017.
Objectives of this society are: Promote teaching, training and research related to robotics, Encourage interaction between robotics researches in India (academic/R&D Labs/industry), Hold joint workshops and conferences at the national level, Associate with other organizations involved in Robotics like IEEE, ASME etc., Publish a newsletter, proceeding, Journals, etc

Disclaimer: All the above data is gathered from AIR-2019, all the logos and titles are belongs to AIR-2019, EngMorph does not own any part of the data published in this page and EngMorph is not responsible for the correctness of the information presented. For more information, visit the AIR-2019 website.

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