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Dear EngMorph Family Members/Customers and Viewers,

COVID19 - the most destructive virus of our time, created a global health emergency by spreading the infections beyond oceans and claiming many lives. The Pandemic also affecting the world by crippling the global economy, challenging the way we Live, Learn & Work, testing resilience and survival of Humanity on mother Earth.

The world is sprinting to slow the spread of this Invisible and Unfamiliar enemy by imposing Travel restrictions & Lock-downs, Testing & Treating, Contact Tracing, Quarantining and creating containment zones with in the country.

With the rising number of infections and after releasing the restrictions, the pandemic will continue to push the world to the limits. In this challenging times we all must be patient and do our part in fighting the virus by following the preventive measures to contain the spread.

  1. Stay at Home as much as possible.

  2. Wear a Face Mask when you are out.

  3. Wash or Sanitize your hands frequently.

  4. When you are out Maintain Physical Distance.

  5. Follow your local Government Rules time to time.

  6. Make yourself occupied, Update Your Skills when you are at home.

We at EngMorph hopes that you, your family, and your loved ones are all staying safe, healthy, and getting through this tough time.

Let’s fight this pandemic together.

#Stay Home #Stay Safe!

Team EngMorph

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