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ASME E-Fests

ASME's Engineering Festivals (E-Fests) are regional events for engineering students that include design competitions, career development workshops, access to thought leaders and innovators in various engineering fields, and networking opportunities. E-Fests also extend beyond the in-person events and provide online content, resources and a community that enables students to foster innovation, network with key players in the industry, connect with peers and celebrate engineering!

E-Fests, or engineering festivals, are way more than just a series of events. It’s a movement driven by engineering students that has gained force globally. These year-round programs empower engineering students like you to ignite innovation, build your resume, expand your knowledge, participate in stimulating competitions, jumpstart your career and most importantly, celebrate engineering!

Along with engineering competitions you will also get the following:

  • Engineering Competitions

  • Lightning Talks

  • Career Advice + Mentoring

  • Interactive Workshops and Sessions

  • Entertainment and Fun

Engineering Competitions:

Go beyond the classroom or laboratory and put engineering design principles to the test by applying them in ASME Student Competitions (enter as an individual or a team!) Competitions include:

  • Human Powered Vehicle Challenge (HPVC):

  • Student Design Competition (SDC)

  • ASME Innovative Additive Manufacturing 3D Challenge (IAM3D)

  • Old Guard Oral Competition (OG)

  • Aeromania RC Plane Competition

  • *NEW* Elevator Pitch Competition


Technology and Innovation Lightning Talks:

These short but impactful talks delivered by pioneers in the industry, focus on cutting edge technologies and innovations that affect the field of engineering. Find out how organizations are adapting to these emerging technologies and what they’ve learned to improve their businesses. You'll also have a chance to meet our speakers and get your burning questions answered at informal networking breaks throughout the three-day event.

Career Advice + Mentoring:

Practicing engineers in today’s workforce give you the low down on what it’s actually like working as an engineer post-grad. Plus, meet with potential employers from industry leading companies that are looking for bright engineers like you to join their organization.

Interactive Workshops and Sessions:

Build your resume and skill set by participating in collaborative workshops that include hands-on software demos and professional development sessions designed to help you navigate the early stages of your career and excel as a new engineer!

Entertainment and Fun:

Celebrate engineering by mixing and mingling with your peers from universities near and far. There’s entertainment (a concert or performance), social activities and ice breakers, plus plenty of tasty food.

Every Year ASME conducts E-Fests in "Asia-Pacific, West, East and South America" regions. For more information on Registration dates, Program, Fees and other details click on the region you are belongs to.


E-Fest Asia Pacific

E-Fest North

E-Fest South

E-Fest West

E-Fest East

E-Fest South America

About ASME

The American Society Of Mechanical Engineers promotes the art, science & practice of multidisciplinary engineering and allied sciences around the globe.


ASME is a not-for-profit membership organization that enables collaboration, knowledge sharing, career enrichment, and skills development across all engineering disciplines, toward a goal of helping the global engineering community develop solutions to benefit lives and livelihoods.


From college students and early-career engineers to project managers, corporate executives, researchers and academic leaders, ASME's members are as diverse as the engineering community itself. ASME serves this wide-ranging technical community through quality programs in continuing education, training and professional development, codes and standards, research, conferences and publications, government relations and other forms of outreach.

Disclaimer: All the above data gathered from ASME E-Fest (, all the logos and titles are belongs to ASME E-Fest, EngMorph does not own any part of the data published in this page and EngMorph is not responsible for the correctness of the information presented. For more information, visit ASME E-Fest website.

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