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How to Change “Left Mouse Button” for “Selection” in Blender

Left Mouse Button for Selection:

  • Blender by default uses Right Mouse Button(RMB) for Selecting the Objects. Most of the Users find it difficult to use this option for selection, since everyone habituated to use Left Mouse Button(LMB) for selection in most of the Applications like Windows, Mac and MS-Office etc.,. 


Default:  RMB ==> Selection

               LMB ==> 3D Cursor

  • It is obvious that everyone who uses Blender at first, think that these buttons are flipped. There is an argument that, generally Blender inserts objects at 3D cursor location. So, it is always convenient to use LMB for inserting 3D Cursor, may be that is why Blender Developers made it like that.

  • But, it is always difficult to use RMB for selection, since we do most of the work in modeling using selection, let it be a Vertex, Edge, Face, Object selection, Camera or Light selection.

  • It is also difficult to use RMB for selecting the objects in the Blender Models Space and LMB for changing their properties in the outer Interface.

  • So, Developers given an option to Flip the RMB and LMB functionalities in User Preferences.

Here is how we will flip the RMB & LMB

  • Goto File ==> User Preferences


  • (It Opens a New Sub-Window Showing all the User Preferences).

  • In the Sub-window Top Menu select “Input”.

  • It display the input options in the left side of the Sub-window.

  • Under “Select with” select the “Left” instead of right.

  • Finally “Save User Settings” at the bottom of the Sub-window, so that Blender will remember in Future.

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