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Curve Driven Array/Pattern in Blender

Curve Driven Array/Pattern(Blender Version: 2.81):

Curve Driven Pattern or Array is used when we want to repeat objects along a specified path or a curve, it may be open or closed curve.


This can be achieved by using “Array + Curve” modifiers. The procedure to make curve driven array is explained below:

Curve Driven Pattern with Title.png

1. Insert the Curve/Path which drives the object:

    Ex: Shift+A >> Curve >> Circle


    Scale the Circle/Curve which is inserted if required : S >> 10 times (For Example)

2. Selecting the curve, Goto Edit mode, Select one of the Control points, then Shift the 3D Cursor to the selected control point by pressing:: Shift+S >> Cursor to Selected

Curve Driven Pattern Step-1.png

3. Exit the edit mode and shift the Origin of the Curve to the selected control point: Object >> Transform >> Origin to 3D Cursor or Shift+Ctrl+Alt+C


4. Now Insert object to the 3D cursor Shift + A >> Mesh >> select mesh


Transform the existing Select the existing object and Shift + S >> Selection to Cursor

5. Scale the object inserted as required and Apply the object transforms to defaults by pressing Ctrl+A >> Rotation and  Scale

6. Applying Modifiers:

  i. Selecting the Object Apply Array Modifier:: Modifiers >> Array,

     In Fit Type:: select Fit Curve (For Selecting the Curve length to distribute objects along the curve)

     In Curve: Select Curve

     In Relative offset: Provide some value (To offset objects in Array)



  ii. Apply Curve Modifier:: Modifiers >> Curve, In Object:: Select Curve, In Deformation Axis:: Select   “X”

Curve Driven Pattern Step-2.png

This generates a pattern along the specified curve.


You can also Vary the Fit Type in Array Modifier to Fit Length or Fixed Length and see how it is different from the other.

Same procedure can be extended to different types of paths it may be open path or closed path

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